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Gizmo's farewell at The Courier-Journal

It was 1982 when this column first appeared in these pages. Back then Scene was a tabloid with a color cover that wrapped around the Saturday edition of The Louisville Times. In those days, it was all about restaurants, music, movies, entertainment and anything that was cool, unusual or fun. It even had its own local comic strip.

The editor, Greg Johnson, thought it should also have a column that covered audio, video, electronic games and the exploding world of personal computers. I didn’t bribe him to get the job, but I would have.

Some of the topics I wrote about that first year included the long-awaited home version of Pac-Man; new computers from Commodore, Atari and Texas Instruments; the battle between two online giants (CompuServe and The Source, not Facebook and Google); why high-bias cassette tapes were worth the extra cost; and the first movie to use computer-generated animation. It was called “Tron.”

Over the years, the column featured a steady stream of gadgets that were n…