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Remembering Woodstock in 2009

Woodstock photos by Ric Manning & Jeannene Seeger Manning

Published in The Courier-Journal, August 16, 2009

They say if you remember the '60s, you weren't really there. But that's not always true. I spent two days at the Woodstock festival and, 40 years later, I still remember quite a bit about that weekend.

I can still hear Joan Baez's voice drifting across the hills after midnight on Friday night. I can see a farm wife on her porch, passing out sandwiches to a line of scruffy kids. And I remember seeing a cop on horseback who smiled when he said “No, thanks” to a hippie offering a lighted joint.

Yes, there was skinny dipping in an icy creek after a day in the sun and making love under the stars. But for me the meaning of Woodstock is wrapped up in something much more mundane: Dan Mills' backpack.

Dan was my roommate that summer between semesters at Indiana University. He had brought the backpack home from a trip to Europe and he let me take it on my Woodstock a…

Remembering Woodstock in 1989

Twenty years after Woodstock, I interviewed several Louisville residents who had attended the festival and wrote their stories. This article appeared in The Courier-Journal Magazine on August 20, 1989.
Remembering Woodstock 1989