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You've found my online profile and digital landing page. This site is primarily a place where I post samples of my work and links to personal media channels at Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  

I am currently a freelance writer, consultant and digital content developer. For more than 30 years, I worked for The Courier-Journal, a Gannett newspaper in Louisville, Ky. I wrote the Gizmo column for the Courier-Journal and Gannett, reporting on gadgets, gear and electronic games.

My columns appeared the Tech section of and other outlets including, The Detroit News and The Chicago Tribune. In the early days of the personal computer explosion, I wrote about online services for several tech magazines including PC Computing, Link-Up and PC Week.

I also held several news jobs including political writer, assistant city editor, bureau chief for the paper's Washington and Indiana offices, and business technology writer.

In 1996, I developed the newspaper's fir…

Remembering Woodstock 2019

Here's my blockbuster video that only took 50 years to create. It's a video version of a Keynote presentation I made to show at a Woodstock theme party next week in Louisville.

Our Woodstock companion Cindy Swope Kukla was in the New York Times today, The story was about Woodstock mementos and artifacts that people had kept all these years. In her case it was a vest that she work that weekend.  Here's a link to the story.

And I was interviewed by Mark Bennett of the Terre Haute Tribune Star for his Aug. 11 feature story about Hoosiers who went to Woodstock. He used several photos that Jeannene and I shot. Here's that link.

Our Woodstock photo album

During our three days at Woodstock, Jeannene and I took photos of friends, strangers and some of the many activities swirling around us.

Jeannene printed some of the photos when we returned to the Midwest, then the negatives were filed away until 2009 when I scanned them and cleaned the digital images as best as I could. Click the image here to see them in a Google Photos gallery.

Notable ancestors

These are a few of the interesting characters I've come across as I explore the roots and branches of our family trees.

Mayflower PassengersElder William Brewster (1566-1644) Bingham line
Brewster was a leader in the so-called Puritan movement of English Reformed Protestants in the 16th and 17th centuries. They sought to "purify" the Church of England from its "Catholic" practices, maintaining that the Church of England was only partially reformed.
Brewster joined other Puritans who moved from England to Holland. In 1619 Brewster and Edward Winslow published a religious tract critical of the English king and his bishops. King James ordered Brewster’s arrest and Brewster went into hiding while preparing to depart for America.

He obtained a land patent from England and sailed on the Mayflower in 1620. Also aboard were his wife, Mary, and two of their sons, Love and Wrestling.
After the Mayflower landed at Plymouth Colony, Brewster became the senior elder and the …

Gizmo's 2007 Gadget Gift Guide

It was Black Saturday, Nov. 24, 2007 when the Gizmo Editor hit the cover of The Courier-Journal's Scene section with my gadget gift guide.

Gizmo's Gift Guide 20017 by Ric Manning on Scribd

Gizmo Editor roams the Akihabara

In the fall of 1997 I joined a press tour to Japan sponsored by Sharp Electronics. The group included editors from PC Magazine, several trade magazines and freelance author Simson Garfinkle, who wrote Database Nation, a seminal work book on digital privacy.

We toured Sharp's new flat screen factory and were briefed by the company's top executives. But the highlight for many of us was the afternoon spent roaming Tokyo's Akihabara Disitrict, the home of large and small shops that sold all matter of electronic gadgets and gizmos. This is my report. It was p[ublished Oct. 18, 1997, in the Scene section of The Courier-Journal.

Gizmo Editor visits Tokyo's Akihabara District by Ric Manning on Scribd

20 years of gizmos

To mark 20 years of covering personal technology for The Courier-Journal and the Gannett newspaper chain, I wrote this look back at the previous two decades. The story includes the arrival of the cellular phone and the DVD as well as bombs like the Coleco computer and RCA's videodisk.

The story was published Feb. 15, 2003.

20 Years of Gizmo by Ric Manning on Scribd